Laboratory Quality Stepwise Implementation (LQSI) tool of the World Health Organization is helping laboratories worldwide to implement a quality management system according to ISO15189. The tool in currently available on English, Russian, Turkish and French.

User quote:
“I think it is a great tool. When I first started as a Quality control manager I was 22 years old, and though I had theoretical knowledge and some experience I had no idea the challenges involved in implementing a quality management system in a medical laboratory […] The tool in my case in particular was extremely helpful and provided me with a guide to take on such a project. We are constantly improving and I am very happy with our results.”

The next 2 versions: Spanish and Arabic
We are currently working hard to upload the Spanish version of this extremely useful tool. We expect the Spanish LQSI tool to go live before the end of this month. So keep checking the LQSI website.

And that is not all… In the coming months the Arabic version will become available as well!
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