From 5-7 December 2016 Linda Oskam was in Anandaban (Nepal, just south of Kathmandu) for the mid-term review of the research activities of Anandaban Hospital and the Mycobacterial Research Laboratory.

Anandaban Hospital provides specialized leprosy care for leprosy patients from all over Nepal with support from The Leprosy Mission Nepal and The Leprosy Mission International. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, care for complications, surgery and social rehabilitation, Anandaban Hospital also performs research into all aspects of leprosy. As leprosy is a neglected tropical disease that mostly hits the poorest people in developing countries, Anandaban Hospital and its Research Laboratory are one of the few remaining high level leprosy research centers in the world.

In 2007 and 2013, Linda Oskam was involved in the mid-term reviews of the research and laboratory activities. During the current review and assessment a team of 3 experts went over all the research activities and discussed current successes and challenges as well as opportunities for improvement and expansion. This will help Anandaban Hospital to continue its world class research activities that are crucial for our understanding of the biological, epidemiological and social context of leprosy and help to provide state of the art care for all leprosy patients worldwide.