From 10-14 September Linda Oskam and Stella van Beers provided an highly interactive training for 24 lab managers from laboratories all over Sudan which was sponsored by the World Health Organization. During this training the participants improved their knowledge and skills in the field of management. The training was enthusiastically received with an average score of 9.4 out of 10.

All over the world, laboratory staff with excellent technical skills is promoted to a management position without any formal management training, often leaving them at a loss on what to do. The National Laboratory Policy and Strategic Plan of Sudan emphasizes the need to provide specific management training for laboratory managers.

The current training was aimed at laboratory managers of the State Public Health laboratories from all over Sudan. This facilitated not also the acquirement of new knowledge and skills, but also provided the opportunity for participants to exchange experiences.

The national news paper of Sudan, Sudan Vision, has published an article about this successful training!