In 2015, Linda Oskam
facilitated three workshops on intersectoral National Laboratory Policy
development for Pakistan. Now she returned for strategic planning.

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO EMRO)
facilitates the national laboratory policy and planning process in Pakistan. In
2015, three workshops were held during which the national laboratory system was
assessed, a SWOT analysis was performed and policy statements on 12 different
policy topics were developed.

Now the National Laboratory Working Group, which includes
representatives from different sectors as well as regions and types of
laboratories, has started the development of the strategic objectives for this
National Laboratory Policy. The recommendations from the Joint External
Evaluation (May 2016) will also be included in these strategic objectives. This
very interactive 1-week workshop generates a lot of information exchange and
heated debates, resulting in the formulation of strategic objectives for more
than half of the policy topics. The other topics will be covered during a
second workshop which is tentatively planned for January 2018.