The TB laboratory network
in Malawi is extensive and well organized, but support is needed to further improve
the activities and strengthen the role of the new National TB Program (NTP) Diagnostic
Laboratory Expert.

To this end, Linda Oskam visited Lilongwe from 8 to 19
January 2018 to work together with the NTP Diagnostic Laboratory Expert on
further strengthening and improvement of the TB laboratory network activities
in Malawi. During the 2-week mission Linda met with many stakeholders, covered
many topics (from soft skills and lab supervision to procurement streamlining and
database development) and even gave a 2-day introduction to Laboratory Quality
Management for 24 laboratory managers.

As the second Drug Resistance Survey (DRS) is about the
start in Malawi, strong, standardized and quality assured laboratory services
are vital as they will be at the basis of the survey results. Linda therefore also
sat with the staff from the National TB Reference Laboratory to scrutinize the DRS
protocol from the laboratory as well as data analysis perspective.

An enthusiastic full house during the training…