In February Tjeerd visited the
National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory and the Central Mandalay Branch
Tuberculosis Laboratory in Myanmar.
Both laboratories are implementing a quality management system using the GLI
tool, after having been trained by DATOS on quality management in 2016, and an
extensive situational analysis conducted by DATOS in 2017. This project is
funded by USAID ChallengeTB. The laboratories are assisted on a daily basis by the
ChallengeTB implementing partner in Myanmar, FHI360. The consultants of FHI360
are in turn assisted in mentoring the laboratories on quality management system
implementation by DATOS.

achievements were made: the majority of action points resulting from the
situational analysis conducted in 2017 have been completed. During the current
mission we focused on:

laboratory staff on identification of SOPs that need to be written for the
primary laboratory process

up a document control system

a quality policy

an organogram of the laboratory

addition, we assisted the FHI360 team by designing a mentor
approach for the coming four months. In June DATOS will go back to Myanmar to
proceed with the next steps.