4 and 5 April 2018the newly established Africa CDC held a meeting in the
Headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During this meeting
about 100 experts from all over Africa discussed the current situation with
regard to Antimicrobial Resistance in humans, animals, food, water and the
environment, so truly under the One Health concept. During the meeting
recommendations were formulated based on the Africa CDC framework for AMR
objectives for the first year of activities to improve surveillance, mitigating
harm, limiting transmission and delay emergence of AMR.

Linda Oskam was one of the co-facilitators on the session on surveillance and gave a presentation on surveillance networks and the use of laboratory assessment tools. This fits perfectly in the DATOS activities in the fields of laboratory (system) improvement and the activities that DATOS carries out for the Fleming Fund.

Schultz (AIGHD), Linda Oskam (DATOS), Kim Lewis (APHL) and Pascale Ondoa (ASLM)
in front of the African Union Headquarters