June and
July were again busy and interesting months. We’ve been active in three
regions: the Eastern Mediterranean region, the South-East Asia region and Africa:
respectively Pakistan, Myanmar and Sierra Leone.

In Sierra
we’ve conducted a scoping mission and situational analysis of the
laboratory system for a World Bank project. In this project we collaborate with
KIT. The project focuses on public health capacity building in Sierra Leone. It
consists of two components: (i) disease surveillance system assessment and
quality improvement and (ii) laboratory training. DATOS is responsible for the

In Myanmar we’ve
been providing continued assistance to the National TB Reference Laboratory and
the Central Mandalay Branch TB Laboratory. We assist these laboratories with
implementation of a quality management system based on ISO 15189. This activity
is part of the Challenge TB project funded by USAID.

Pakistan: in the first half July we were part of a team that prepared the Request for Proposals that the Fleming Fund will issue to strengthen Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) surveillance in the human and animal health sectors in the country. From the information collected it became clear that Pakistan has a huge AMR problem, but also that the government is aware of this and eager to tackle the problem.

One of the activities in Pakistan was an orientation session for national laboratory assessors.