been all over the world this month. We have assisted with the construction of
the Njala University Animal Health Science Serology and Molecular Diagnostic
in Sierra Leone. This laboratory is being constructed with funding
from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ghana as part of a large-scale project
coordinated by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in The Netherlands, in
response to the Ebola epidemic that ravaged the country in 2014. The diagnostic
laboratory capacity has suffered greatly from the Ebola epidemic, the same
epidemic that showed the importance of well-functioning diagnostic laboratories
in fighting major disease outbreaks. Priority now is to get the laboratory
sector in Sierra Leone back on its feet by increasing the diagnostic testing
and disease surveillance capacity. DATOS assist KIT with the implementation of
the project
by guiding the construction of the laboratory that will operate
under the OneHealth approach, serving both human and animal health. This is
done on a continuous basis since 2016 through distance assistance and by
regular onsite assistance.

DATOS also
assisted FHI360 in Myanmar
with strengthening of the two major TB laboratories
in Myanmar as part of USAID’s Challenge TB
process. Last year DATOS provided training courses on Laboratory Biorisk
Management and Laboratory Quality Management to employees of Myanmar’s National TB Reference Laboratory
and the Upper Myanmar TB Center. This month DATOS conducted the next step by
performing a situational analysis at both laboratories. This informs the best
way forward in improving both laboratories such that they can serve the Myanmar
health sector optimally by applying the latest diagnostic techniques for TB in
accordance with quality management standards.