A National Laboratory Strategic Plan gives countries direction in the performance and strengthening of their laboratory services and puts them in the driving seat regarding the laboratory strengthening activities that they want to perform. After going through a period of transition, the Federal Republic of Nepal is now ready and eager to develop their National Laboratory Strategic Plan.

Under the leadership of the National Public Health Laboratory and with support from Save the Children Nepal/Global Fund, more than 30 experts from national and provincial level convened in Kathmandu from 10-14 February 2020 to start the development of the National Laboratory Strategic Plan. During a 5-day meeting DATOS’ Linda Oskam facilitated the assessment of the current state of the laboratory services and the performance of a SWOT analysis. The group identified eleven topics for the National Laboratory Strategic Plan and made a start with the formulation of strategic objectives.

In March 2020 we intend to finalize the development of the draft National Laboratory Strategic Plan and make it available for wider policy dialogue.