From 13-17 August 2017 Linda Oskam (DATOS) and Prisca Zwanikken
(KIT) were back in Khartoum to facilitate the second workshop for the
laboratory workers’ training curricula revision, a project supported by the
World Health Organization.

During the mission we assisted an enthusiastic
and highly involved group to continue the development of competencies and
sub-competencies for 5 groups of laboratory workers: lab attendants, BSc
Medical Laboratory Sciences, MSc Medical Laboratory Sciences, laboratory
doctors and laboratory managers.

In addition to (sub)competencies, learning
outcomes, teaching methods and assessment methods were also discussed. Even
though there is still quite some work to do, big steps ahead were made to
ensure that the training curricula in Sudan will be better aligned with the
needs of medical laboratories at all levels and all over the country.

And the hot news refers to both the around 40
degrees centigrade outside temperature, but also, and more importantly, that
Sudan was chosen by the World Health Organization to serve as a pilot country
for this activity in the region.